Message from DG Dato’ Ir. Neo Say Yeow

Leo is a successful project of Lions.  Many Lions like to involve with Leo and have developed strong feeling towards Leo program.  Leo’s service is now recognised and Lions Clubs International encourages Lions to form service partnership with Leo.  Many Leos eventually become committed Lions.  CONTINUOUS LEO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM plays an important part.  Its Chairperson Past Council Chairperson  Allan Cheah Cheng Wah has played his role well for many years.

Leadership Development is an important part of Lionism and Leo Program.  Every year, we have a new International President, we have new District Governor and Cabinet, and at club level, we have new Presidents and new Boards of Directors.  New leaders and new teams are given the chance to learn, try, practise and improve ways to serve their communities.  Lionism and its Leo Program,  from Lions Clubs International to Club’s level, has its strong system to support and ensure that these new teams are ready to play the roles and continue the positive development in Lionism. Currently, we have more than 48000 Lions Clubs and 7000 Leo Clubs throughout the world. While it is not the main intention of Leo Program, it is Lions’ hope to see more Leos continue their development and eventually become Lions.  I hope the CONTINUOUS LEO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM will look beyond the horizon for this process and study what environment Lions can provide, to attract these young potential members.  A more conducive environment involving additional opportunities has to be provided to them.  Existing system needs to be modified to suit our young Leos.   

Lastly, I wish CONTINUOUS LEO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM continuous to play it role and look beyond. 


Lion Dato’ Ir. Neo Say Yeow
District Governor 2018-2019, District 308B2